Shutterborg is a free word processor that runs entirely in your web browser. Instead of using expensive desktop software, Shutterborg makes life easy by allowing you to edit documents online for free. Who better to explain what Shutterborg is than the first tech blog to catch its initial release:

From ReadWriteWeb:
Shutterborg, a new online word processor does one thing really well which makes it a unique tool in this space: it lets you open any URL on the internet and edit it like an Office document.
If basic word processing was all that Shutterborg did, it probably wouldn't be worth a mention just yet. However, the "Open from Web" option that is presented to you upon launch is a pretty clever invention. Here, you can enter in any URL on the internet to open an exact replica of that web page, with the CSS and images intact. You can then edit it as you desire which could obviously lead to some humorous creations.

Check out Shutterborg, and get ready for Shutterborg Pro.

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